Featuring Chary Rico Toro

We have an inspirational one on one with a special woman that will win your heart. 
Chary Rico Toro is a woman of many talents in addition to being a 2018 RockStar Award Recipient, Miami Women Who Rock Founders Circle Member & Board Member at Baptist Hospital (Miami Cancer Institute), Chary is a Philanthropist, well known Artist and the Founder/ Director of the INTI Foundation.
Rosario “Chary” Rico-Toro was born in 1972 in a military post in Robore, Bolivia. Growing up in a deeply religious military family, she was often moving between cities. Traveling and getting to know Bolivia was one of her family's passions. Embedded in her childhood memories are many days spent in church admiring the beautiful catholic scenes in the stained glass windows which inspire the bold colors & geometric shapes represented in her paintings. The constant theme in her work is her life impression of people she has met and places she has seen. “My intent is to provide the viewer with a child's joyful take on life when looking at the bright colors.”

Encouraged by her family to pursue a more traditional career, she graduated with a university degree in journalism, and became a TV talk show host for a national network for several years. Being the first Bolivian finalist in the Miss Universe Pageant, Rosario “Chary” Rico-Toro, inspired a nation. 

INTI is a Quechua word for “sun” which is phonetically similar to “son” and which the words are connected because children are the lights in our lives. In 2007, INTI Foundation was created by a dedicated and successful Miami Florida resident Chary Rico Toro, whose ancestry and origins in Bolivia inspired her to help underserved children.

The first project was to help an orphanage outside of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This building served as a chapel, a classroom and a dining room. With their own resources, she and her husband Robert Korn were able to provide a much-needed roof. The following year INTI actively raised money and funded a children’s shelter project. Soon the requests for help were flooding in from many people and organizations within Bolivia, South Florida and the United States.

It’s a special kind of love — A feel good kind of difference to affect the lights of people’s lives, their children. Today INTI supports children’s charities in Florida, US and Bolivia. INTI creates entire homes, funds kids in cancer treatment centers, creates, equips & staffs youth soccer leagues in underserved areas. In addition, INTI acts as a foundation for disseminating dollars in response to kid’s needs in areas of high gang violence and poor family support systems in the US like Jafco, a foster care and adoption service foundation, the United Way of Miami, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Miami.
Chary is an amazing Mom, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend & Community Leader-with a heart of GOLD.

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